Ups and downs as a part of our journey

“Let God direct your steps ” Proverbs 3:6
Since my last post, Josua got sick again, he has fever, cough and a lot of mucus he can’t handle. But this time, things were different. This time it was a victory because instead of running to the doctor, I remained in His peace. Two months ago, I would run straight to the doctor worrying about the fever and oxygen levels. Now His peace guided my actions. It’s like I could hear Him say : Don’t worry, don’t go…nothing will happen, he is in my hands, you can handle this, just believe and trust me. After a couple of days we had an appointment in the hospital for some tests that needed to be done and because of his congestion and oxygen levels they wanted to keep us there. I refused because I knew he would be ok. I looked at Josua and told them I can handle this and if it gets worse I can come back. A week passed since then and Josua was feeling better.
But I don’t want to share just the victories with you, but the mistake that followed. Wednesday the fever came back, this time higher then before and he refused again any food and liquids. Lucas was at the time on antibiotics for a strep infection. After spending time with God, He again told me : Don’t let fear blind your eyes ! Do not be terrified, do not be afraid, I go before you, I will fight for you and carry you.  
And what do I do ? Thousands of thoughts bump into my head. Lucas has strep, what if Josua got it from him ? What if his throat hurts and that’s why he isn’t eating ? Weekend is coming, what if the fever doesn’t go away ? It is a long time until Monday.
Even tough He spoke so clearly, fear blinded my eyes ! So we went to the doctor. Of course he has no strep and no bacterial infection just another virus ! So we go home, without any other treatment. Oh if I had just listened !
” teach me to do your will, for you are my God!Let your good spirit lead me on level ground ” Psalm 143:10
But life is a journey and nobody is perfect. We will all fall at some point. The important thing is that we see our mistake and do better next time. Yes, I made a mistake, but every time I learn from it and it gets better and better. God wants to bless us, to guide us and to flourish because He has a beautiful future for us.
Jesus heals ! He healed so many when we look trough the bible and there are so many people today that have healing testimonies. He can do it , He is able to ! But the same questions remains : Will He ? Is it His plan? I know that I don’t want to loose my hope that He will. So we continue to pray and speak life and healing over him, Healing over the little things like flu and viruses and healing over the bigger issues like head circumference, that he can hold his head up, sit, talk, walk and see.
Lord help me stay positive and continue to fill my heart with your peace, guide my thinking and help me walk in obedience to do what You want me to do. I trust you that you will do great things in our lives. We lift our prayers to you, of healing Josua , and want to watch you answer them for our delight and Your glory ! Let your glory be seen through Josuas healing ! In Jesus Name. Amen
” Where God guides, He provides ” Isaiah 58:11
For more photos of Josua and our journey, follow us on instagram @michaelabertalan 

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